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Capt Dion

Captain Dion Davis

Captain Dion started fishing when he was 4 years old. He grew up living on the sea, fishing the pristine waters of Southwest Florida aboard his fathers commercial long lining boat. His father owned and operated that boat for over 20 years. While commercial fishing he learned to become an expert at targeting grouper, snapper, and also catching stone crabs, shrimping, and netting mullet and pompano.

Captain Dion has been groomed for this position since a very young age and has probably spent more time in, on, or around the water than on land. About 5 years ago he converted all of his commercial fishing experience to the charter fishing sector and has been helping clients catch monster fish ever since! He has salt water in his veins and is the epitome of “Salt Life”.

I’ve caught my share of fish and will always continue to enjoy that. However there’s nothing more gratifying than taking out clients and seeing the fun they have catching fish! Whether it’s catching a new species or catching their new trophy to put on the wall!
Capt Mike

Captain Mike Patterson

Captain Mike Patterson grew up in the Englewood Boca Grande area of beautiful southwest Florida. From inshore, offshore, and commercial fishing he has over 30 years of fishing experience in the local waters. Capt. Mike has knowledge in all aspects of the fishing industry. Mike is an expert at catching an array of fish from your pelagic fish such as tuna, wahoo, sailfish, Mahi Mahi, kingfish, and cobia to reef fish including various grouper and snapper species. For Capt. Mike fishing isn't just a job it's a way of life.

For me is all about providing my clients with a memorable fishing experience. And I want nothing more than to give them a taste of my lifestyle and passion and show them a good time doing it!

Our Boat - The Bad Habit


Wahoo Eats 2 DTX Minnows at the Same Time ... See MoreSee Less
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We stepped up our game last week and went to play with the big boys at the 2022 Crosthwait Tournament and did pretty well . Blessed with beautiful weather we were Grateful to get third place . With the bottom bite being next to nothing we put so time in trolling a scored some nice pelagics which helped round out our box of fish. ... See MoreSee Less
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Well after the first couple of weeks of tests and trials the numbers speak for themselves . People can talk the talk ,but here’s a video showing you a product actually walking the walk. In this video our 39 foot Yellowfin has eight people 300 pounds of ice 300 gallons of fuel in a full Livewell we are rigged with quad Mercury 350s. Cruising it 43 mph and getting just under 1 mile per gallon.So far so good we are super happy with the performance with our hull max foul release bottom paint. @nascomarine ... See MoreSee Less
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